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Minglaba! (Welcome)

We are excited to share our Burmese heritage with you. Burmese food, also known as Myanmar cuisine, is a diverse and flavorful cuisine that reflects the country's history and culture. It is a fusion of various culinary traditions from neighboring countries including China, India, and Thailand.

The cuisine is characterized by its bold flavors, abundant use of fresh herbs and spices, and a variety of noodles and rice dishes. Some of the key ingredients used in Burmese cuisine include fish sauce, shrimp paste, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, and chilies.

Some of the most popular dishes in Burmese cuisine include:

-Mohinga: a fish-based noodle soup that is often considered the national dish of Myanmar.

-Ohn-no-khauk-swe: a coconut milk-based noodle soup that is similar to laksa.

-Shan-style rice: a rice dish that is topped with a variety of meats, vegetables, and herbs.

-Burmese curry: a thick and hearty stew made with your choice of meat and potatoes.

-Laphet Thoke: a salad made with fermented tea leaves, peanuts, garlic, sesame seeds, and a variety of other ingredients.

Burmese-style fried rice: a fragrant and flavorful fried rice dish that is often served with a side of crispy fried onions and a fried egg.

Mont Lin Ma Yar: a popular dessert that consists of layers of steamed rice flour cakes and jaggery syrup.

Burmese food is a unique and delicious cuisine that is definitely worth exploring if you're a fan of bold flavors and hearty dishes.


Meet The Chef

Burmese food isn’t something you hear often in Florida. May Aungthet is changing that in exciting ways. Born in Yangon, Myanmar (formally known as Burma), May has resided in Boca Raton for 22 years. Graduating with a degree in Culinary Management, she gained experience working in numerous well-renowned restaurants and she reconnects with her roots traveling back to Myanmar when she can. 


Immersed in Burmese culture and cuisine from her mom she is here to pass it along to you. Follow her company; Ahmay’s Cuisine, which translates to Mom’s Cuisine. Look out for her Burmese pop up dinners throughout South Florida. 

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Burmese Pop Up Dinners

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